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Western Australia

Carolyn Fealy, Judi Glerum
Email: wa.training@iscdt.com.au  
at Institute of Surveying and Civil Design Training Pty Ltd
Aus: Tel (02) 9970 7117 Fax (02) 9970 7118
Int: Tel +61 2 9970 7117 Fax +61 2 9970 7118

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Course IDDurationCourse NameDate(s)Places
1DSB2603181 Day Survey Basics26 MarRegister
1DSTP2703181 Day Survey Topographical Procedures27 MarRegister
3DCDB0904183 DaysCivil Design Basics09 Apr
10 Apr
11 Apr
3DCDB3004183 DaysCivil Design Basics30 Apr
01 May
02 May
2DCDF1405182 DaysCivil Design Features14 May
15 May
3DCDB3005183 DaysCivil Design Basics30 May
31 May
01 Jun
1DSWP1-1106181 Day Stormwater Part 111 JunRegister
1DSWP2-1206181 Day Stormwater Part 212 JunRegister
1DDD1306181 Day Dynamic Drainage13 JunRegister
1DID2d1406181 Day Introduction to 2d Drainage14 JunRegister
1D2dTI1506181 Day 2d Drainage Tuflow Interface15 JunRegister
3DCDB2506183 DaysCivil Design Basics25 Jun
26 Jun
27 Jun
3DCDB1308183 DaysCivil Design Basics13 Aug
14 Aug
15 Aug
2DCDF2308182 DaysCivil Design Features23 Aug
24 Aug
3DCDB0509183 DaysCivil Design Basics05 Sep
06 Sep
07 Sep
1DSWP1-1009181 Day Stormwater Part 110 SepRegister
1DSWP2-1109181 Day Stormwater Part 2 11 SepRegister
1DDD1209181 Day Dynamic Drainage12 SepRegister