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Can We Still get Perpetual Licences? Definitely YES

We have received many enquiries worrying that we may be stopping Perpetual Licences and in future force our users to only purchase Subscriptions.

Perpetual Licences are where a user pays a once off fee, and then has on going access to the software at no additional cost. This is the most cost effective option for most users.

Subscription, the new marketing name for Rental, has no up front fee but instead has an ongoing monthly cost. Stop paying and access to the software stops. Subscriptions have always been available to 12d Model users and will continue to be offered.

But be assured, as it has done for the past 25 years, 12d will continue to offer all our users the choice of either Perpetual licences or Subscriptions, or both.

Sales Region of the Year

The numbers are in — and it is congratulations to Extra Dimension Solutions (ExDS) as the top 12d Model reseller for Financial Year 2014/2015.

The energetic ExDS team look after the 12d Model sales, support and training in NSW, ACT & SA, and are now an authorised 12d Synergy reseller.

Despite the severe mining downturn in Australia, financial Year 2014/2015 was another successful sales year for 12d Model sales. So thank you to all our users.

Holiday Season Closure

The 12d Solutions Head office in Sydney will be closed from lunch time on Wednesday 23rd December 2015 until the morning of Monday 4th January 2016. Enquiries during this time should be made on info@12d.com

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season. We look forward to dealing with you again in 2016.