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DD30 - New General Manager in Sydney

We are delighted to see 12d Model’s adoption growing globally. To assist with this growth, we have appointed a new General Manager in 12d’s Headquarters in Sydney (the first of our three Sydney offices) - Mr Joel Gregory.

After six successful years promoting 12d Model in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Joel has joined the growing 12d HQ team to share the knowledge he has gained and help with the continued expansion of 12d globally.

One of Joel’s first initiatives has been the creation of the 12d Model International Innovation Awards.

“Visiting clients around the world, I have been consistently impressed by the innovative use of 12d Model on a wide variety of projects. I wanted a way to highlight our clients’ innovations and 12d’s International Conference was the perfect platform to launch our inaugural Innovation Awards,” Joel said.

Joel will be presenting prizes to the winners of the Awards at our 12d Model International User Conference this coming July.

Dr Lee Gregory will continue to be our Managing Director for all 12d offices, and looks forward to enjoying more success as we continue our growth.