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2014 Innovation Awards Winner Entries

Name: Andrew Sinclair
Company: Eliot Sinclair & Partners
Name of Project: Hydro Cross Section Cleaning
Innovation Entry:  Entry

Name: Daniel Winter
Company: Cardno (NZ) Limited
Name of Project: 12d Loglines import/export *maintain loglines for later use
Innovation Entry:  Entry

Design & Visualisation
Name: Mark Hagan & Matthew Kronk
Company: Kehoe Myaers Consulting Engineers
Name of Project: Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport & Business Park
Innovation Entry:  Entry

Drainage, Sewer & Utilities
Name: Charlie Dickson
Company: Christchurch City Council
Name of Project: Survey AsBuilt System
Innovation Entry:  Entry

Survey & Construction
Name: Andrew Sinclair & Graeme Crouchley
Company: Eliot Sinclair and Partners Ltd.
Name of Project: Building Damage Assessment
Innovation Entry:  Entry