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The 12d International User Conference 2014 was an overwhelming success and the upcoming conference will once again be held at the Brisbane Convention Exhibition Centre on Sunday 24th, Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th July, 2016.

For the Conference the FULL CONFERENCE PACKAGE FOR ONE includes attendance to all sessions over the three days as well as attendance to the Welcome Event and Conference Dinner.

For delegates on the full conference package, if they wish to invite a partner/guest to the 'Welcome Event' or 'Conference Dinner', then for each partner/guest they only need to tick 'WELCOME EVENT - GUEST' and/or 'CONFERENCE DINNER - GUEST' on their full conference registration and pay for the additional events.

For delegates who wish to only attend on a particular day, we also have the option of choosing from the INDIVlDUAL DAY OPTIONS.

If you have any questions/issues then please do not hesitate to email conference@12d.com or phone +61 2 9970 7117.

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Full Package options $A 825 (including GST) *
 WELCOME EVENT - GUEST $A 88 (including GST) Sunday 24th July 2016
 CONFERENCE DINNER - GUEST $A 209 (including GST) Monday 25th July 2016
 NONE OF THE ABOVE - Please Select From The Individual Day Options Listed Below
OR 'Individual Day' options
 Sunday 24th July 2016, SESSIONS $A 297 (including GST)
 Sunday 24th July 2016, SESSIONS & WELCOME EVENT $A 374 (including GST)
 Sunday 24th July 2016, WELCOME EVENT $A 88 (including GST)
 Monday 25th July 2016, SESSIONS ONLY $A 297 (including GST)
 Monday 25th July 2016, SESSIONS & CONFERENCE DINNER A 495 (including GST)
 Monday 25th July 2016, CONFERENCE DINNER $A 209 (including GST)
 Tuesday 26th July 2016, SESSIONS ONLY $A 297 (including GST)
Name of partner/guest
Additional Conference dvds @ $A11 per dvd (one is included with your registration and will be sent after the Conference)
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In which types of projects do you utilise 12d Model? *
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 Road & Highways
 Land Development
 Drainage, Sewer & Services
 Oil & Gas
 Rivers, Dams & Hydrology
 Ports & Dredging
 Airport Intrastructure
 Mining Infrastructure
 Feature Survey
 Organisation Does Not Use 12d Model
How long (years) have you been using 12d Model? *
Which technical segments do you work in 12d Model? *
(you may choose more than one option) 
 Design - Land Development
 Design - Highways
 Design - Rail
 Survey - Cadastral
 Survey - Detail
 Survey - Construction
 Water - Urban Drainage
 Water - Rivers/Flooding
Which areas do you use 12d Synergy for? *
(you may choose more than one option) 
 Email Management
 Document Management
 CAD Data
 12d Model Management
 I dont use 12d Synergy
Do you write 12d Model macros? *
Were you previously aware of the 12d Model User Forum and its benefits as a user?  *
(please note a link to the Forum is located on the top and bottom of every page on this website)
What technical sessions (Birds of a Feather) would you be interested in attending 12dModel? *
 12d Model Design
 12d Model Survey & Construction
 12d Model Water
 12d Synergy
What would you like to see at the Conference?
Would you be interested in presenting at the Conference?
Would you be interested in submitting a 12d Model related article or white paper?
Would you be interested in submitting a 12d Model video?
Email Address for invoice (If different from yours)
Other Comments

Conference fees are payable in full prior to the conference
Cancellation Policy:
1 Month Prior to the Conference – 20% Fee Applies
2 Months Prior to the Conference – 10% Fee Applies