Stormwater Drainage Design Fundamentals: Episode 1 - Project Preparation

   27 Feb, 2019      1:00 PM AEDT        

This series of training webinars – Stormwater Drainage Design Fundamentals – covers the basic and intermediate aspects of the Three Waters modules in 12d Model 14, with special emphasis on the design of stormwater drainage. It is presented as a condensed overview of the material normally covered in the first two days of the formal Three Waters training courses (W01 to W06) offered regularly by 12d Solutions. This material is assumed knowledge for many of the more advanced training courses available in the Three Waters suite.

A construction-ready drainage model – including catchments, pits, pipes, culverts, channels and flood extents – is created from scratch in 3D and designed for specified minor and major storm events using the Rational Method. Output plans, long-sections and calculation tables are also produced.

This webinar is Episode 1 of the series: Project Preparation. It details some of the preliminary steps required, before the drainage design can begin in earnest. Not all of these steps are mandatory, but they can certainly help to make the job easier.


Please note: Attendance at this webinar is free of charge.

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