CAD Title Block Manager

   19 Mar, 2019      1:00 PM AEDT        

CAD title blocks are time-consuming, tedious and dull to manage. Yet they’re inescapable - a necessary evil which all drafters and civil designers hate.

In this webinar, James Irwin and Shane Machon will set out to rescue drafters from title blocks. They’ll show you how this tedious process can be simplified and automated using LISP routines and Excel drawing registers.

They’ll then take this one step further, showing you how 12d Synergy’s new Title Block Manager tool can update CAD title blocks 10x faster than LISP routines, without opening any DWGs...reducing title block updating by 98%!

Your CAD Drafters need to know about this new time-saving tool.

Please note: Attendance at this webinar is free of charge.


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