Upcoming Whats Coming from 12d Webinars
Upcoming Industry Solutions Webinars
Industry Solutions Webinars - YouTube Playlist
Upcoming 12d Training Webinars
12d Training Webinars - YouTube Playlist

What's Coming from 12d

These webinars showcase features that will be included in upcoming versions of 12d Model and 12d Synergy, to give you an idea of what to expect when the versions are released.

Industry Solutions Webinars

These webinars provide insights into overcoming challenges in an evolving industry in more effective and efficient ways. These sessions will be less technical than the Training sessions, and are suitable for managers and non-users of 12d Synergy.

Training Webinars

These sessions showcase common industry challenges and take a close look at industry best practices and how these can be implemented using 12d Synergy. The aim of these webinars is to upskill 12d Synergy users and broaden their understanding of the capabilities of 12d Synergy.

What to Expect

These webinars can be seen as a “Lunch and Learn” opportunity, with sessions beginning at 1pm (Sydney time). You’ll be able to register for these online, and ask questions of the presenter during each webinar (questions will be answered live at the end of the session if there’s time, or answers emailed to attendees later if necessary).

Time Abreviations
AEST: Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney Australia Time)
AEDT: Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney Australia Time)

What's Coming From 12d

Pavement Manager9th Jun 21Stream
Sub–Grid Sampling and Quadtree2nd Jun 21Stream
MetaConnex26th May 21Stream
Concept Stormwater Interface (CSI)12th May 21Stream
Themes4th May 21Stream

Industry Solutions Webinars

12d New GIS Interface18th Jan 24Stream
12d GNSS Vector Reporting (GVR)14th Dec 23Stream
What's New in 12d Model 1523rd Nov 23Stream
Using FME With 12d Model9th Dec 20Stream
2019 in Review and What's in Store for 202015th Jan 20Stream

Training Webinars

What's New in 12d Track30th May 24Stream
12d Model Quick Water Network1st Mar 24Stream
Traverse Spreadsheets: What's New in 12d Model 1521st Feb 22Stream
12da Library – Working Smarter15th Dec 21Stream
BIM Data Management to Field Setout2nd Dec 20Stream