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Contractor Registration

Previously, as a service to our clients worldwide, 12d had set up a 12d Contractors’ Register. Contractors proficient in the use of 12d Model could leave details of their availability for work each time they change locations.

This was particularly useful when contractors were moving interstate or overseas, as they would normally be unknown to our clients in the new area.

Today, the ideal, and timely area to be in touch with potential recruiters and employers is via our LinkedIn group. This group is far more dynamic and responsive then our previous contractors register and we encourage you to join our group.

Furthermore, this group is a great place to discuss various aspects of 12d Model with other group members and to also keep abreast of our latest updates and events.

To join our LinkedIn group you must first have a FREE LinkedIn account. Once you have this setup you can click here to join the 12d Model LinkedIn group.