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Asset Design and As Constructed (ADAC) is fast becoming the standard As Constructed data format nationwide. It is currently being implemented by local authorities and utilities across Australia, including Unity Water and many of the major councils in Queensland.

ADAC is a vendor independent XML format for the description and transmission of 3D asset design and ‘as constructed’ data. It was created to allow for efficient design, capture, transmission, delivery and use of standardised public works asset format. The ADAC.XML file is the one source of truth.

The ADAC project is managed by the IPWEA

12d and ADAC

12d Solutions has been involved with ADAC.XML since its inception, with 12d’s goal being to integrate the ADAC process into the full cycle from Design to Construction, Construction to As Built, and for re-use in future projects.

Using 12d Model’s parametric objects and hierarchical attributes, the ADAC data is fully incorporated inside 12d Model so there is no data loss.

12d Model currently supports both ADAC 4.0 and ADAC 4.1 and more importantly, the 12d Model ADAC Editors and Validators are driven directly by the IPWEA ADAC XSD’s. This minimises any implementation errors and allows for quick upgrading to any future ADAC Schemas.

12d-ADAC is NOT an additional cost. 12d-ADAC is integrated in the appropriate 12d Model modules and is included free of charge for all customers on annual maintenance.


The Benefits of 12d ADAC

Data Fidelity – the ADAC Schema is completely reflected inside 12d Model’s parametric objects and hierarchical attributes so that there is no ADAC data loss.

3D Data – all data in 12d Model is in 3D.

Integrated Work Flow – the collection and generation of ADAC data is integrated into the normal 12d Model Design-Construct-As-Built work flow

Round Tripping – 12d Model can write AND read ADAC XML files. That combined with 12d Model’s ADAC data fidelity makes round tripping of data a reality.

Data Reuse – 12d Model maximises data reuse and minimised manual editing.

Future Proofing – easy upgrades to future ADAC Schemas

No Additional Cost – 12d-ADAC is standard part of 12d Model and is included free of charge for customers on annual maintenance.