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12d Model Updates

The initial installation of the Release version of 12d Model software can be downloaded from this website.

The steps to follow are:

A. Installing 12d Model for the first time or upgrading from a previous version

(a)  Any special notes on Installing  
(b)  Installing drivers for standalone dongles  
(c)  Notes on installing Network dongles  
(d)  Certifying CodeMeters  
(e)  Updating User and User_Lib from previous versions  

B. Installing the 12d Model software

The installation script will:
(a)  if this version already exists, ask to Uninstall it
(b)  display the 12d Model license agreement
(c)  install the 12d Model software including folders for the executables, set ups and library
(d)  create desktop icons for starting 12d Model
(e)  install the context sensitive 12d Model help
(f)  install the folders of Getting Started training data

C. What's New Documentation

PDFs, PowerPoints and videos on the new version

D. PDF Documentation

(a) 12d Model Reference manual
(b) Getting Started for Design manual
(c) Getting Started for Surveying manual
(d) 12d Model Programming Language manual (macros)

E. Special Information

This is extra information on version specific topics.