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Maintenance Program

What we offer is essentially more then just a maintenance program, we offer you the confidence in knowing that you will receive premium technical assistance in a timely manner.

Annual Maintenance

12d Model has an annual maintenance fee equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the normal purchase price of the software.

Clients on annual maintenance receive:

  • Free upgrades and updates to any new versions released whilst on annual maintenance (prior to the general public)
  • Free attendance at the 12d Model Upgrade seminars
  • Priority treatment via telephone and email support
  • Access to the 12d Forums
  • Access to bug fixes posted on the 12d website and 12d Forums
  • Free training dvd’s (including documentation)
  • Basic project support
  • Operating system change assistance
  • Latest news and special offers

Additional benefits include:

Licenses on maintenance count towards discounts for the purchase of additional licenses and modules.

If the 12d Model dongle is lost or stolen, the dongle will be replaced for a nominal fee rather than needing to purchase a new license. This saves on having to insure the 12d Model software.

Access to significant discounts and special offers. For example, If you are an existing client, we offer multiple license discounts.

Upgrades Only

For customers not on maintenance, the upgrade fee is equal to the amount of maintenance not paid. Hence there is no cost advantage by not being on maintenance.