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Queensland/Northern Territory

Carolyn Fealy
Email: qld.training@iscdt.com.au  
at Institute of Surveying and Civil Design Training Pty Ltd
Aus: Tel (02) 9970 7117 Fax (02) 9970 7118
Int: Tel +61 2 9970 7117 Fax +61 2 9970 7118

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Course IDDurationCourse NameDate(s)Places
1DDD2606191 DayDynamic Drainage26 JunFull
1DBIM2706191 DayBIM27 JunLimited
2DCDB0907192 DaysCivil Design Basics09 July
10 July
1DSWP1-2507191 DayStormwater Part 125 JulyFull
1DSWP2-2607191 DayStormwater Part 226 JulyFull
2DCDF290719 2 DaysCivil Design Features29 July
30 July
1DSB0108191 DaySurvey Basics01 AugRegister
1DSTP 0208191 DaySurvey Topographical Procedures02 AugRegister
1DBIM0508191 DayBIM05 AugRegister
2DCDB0608192 DaysCivil Design Basics06 Aug
07 Aug
1DADAC0808191 DaysADAC08 AugLimited
1DMAC090819 1 DayMacros09 AugRegister
1DSWP1-1908191 DayStormwater Part 119 AugRegister
1DSWP2-2008191 DayStormwater Part 220 AugRegister
1DDD2808191 DayDynamic Drainage28 AugRegister
1DSC3008191 Day Setup and Configuration30 AugRegister
2DCDB030919 2 DaysCivil Design Basics03 Sep
04 Sep
1DSB0909191 DaySurvey Basics09 SepRegister
1DSTP1009191 DaySurvey Topographical Procedures10 SepRegister
2DSCP1109192 DaysSurvey Construction Procedures11 Sep
12 Sep
1DADAC1309191 DayADAC13 SepRegister
1DSWP1-1609191 DayStormwater Part 116 SepRegister
1DSWP2-1709191 DayStormwater Part 217 SepRegister