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ADAC & ePlan in 12d Model

2015 has been a big year for the IPWEA standard ADAC (Asset Design and As Constructed) as the number of Australian Councils and Water Authorities requiring ADAC XML files as part of the project deliverable has increased dramatically.

12d Model 11, with its comprehensive ADAC solution, is being widely used to produce ADAC XML data from designs and/or surveys. To bring you up to speed with 12d-ADAC, public and in-house half day Introductory and Advanced 12d-ADAC courses are now available. Contact training@12d.com

ePlan, the new Australian standard for XML submission of Cadastral plans, is currently being introduced in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. 12d has held 12d-ePlan training courses with each of the relevant State departments to ensure that the 12d-ePlan solution is the best possible.

12d Model users have already submitted ePlans in NSW with users in Queensland and Victoria not far behind.

12d Surveyors Win Awards

Congratulations to Melissa O’Brien who won the NZIS Bogle Young Surveyor of the Year award for 2015.

The award, which was presented to Melissa at the NZIS Conference by Dr Lee Gregory, acknowledges the great achievements that young surveyors are making.

Melissa joins 12d users Matt Ryder, the 2014 Bogle Award winner, and Andrew Perry and Todd Airy who were recipients in previous years.

Megan Dillon, who won the SSSI Queensland Young Professional of the Year in 2014, has gone on to pass her Registration exams and is now the 7th female to be a Registered Surveyor in Queensland.