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Subsurface Utility Information

There is a new Australasian standard AS5488 for the Classification of Subsurface Utility Information (SUI). The standard provides a framework for the classification of subsurface utility location and information in terms of specified Quality levels. For a located utility, there can be varying levels of Quality and attributes at each vertex and segment, of the string.

12d Model is unique in having string, vertex and segment attributes and so is ideally suited for capturing all SUI data.

Stay tuned for further SUI developments within 12d Model.

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Dam Break

Simulating the effects of dam breaks is an essential part of civil engineering projects around the world and 12d Model, working with TUFLOW, are world leaders in this area.

12d Model has all the tools to create the ground surface model, the TUFLOW grid and time dependent elevation break lines. These are fed into the 12d-TUFLOW engine to produce the resulting water levels. The time dependent elevation breaklines model the dam failure.

In this 12d Model movie, the centre of the dam collapses and the resulting flood wave with depth colouring is shown.

The 12d Model visualisation of the results enables the modeller and stake holders to see the rate of dam failure, the resulting inundation and the speed of the flood wave which is needed for evacuation planning