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ClientInnovative Solutions IndonesiaLocationIndonesia
ConsultantInnovative Solutions IndonesiaContractorShane Elson

Project Summary

12d Solutions often lends software to groups doing charity and not-for-profit work. One such user is Shane Elson, a Bundaberg man, who is working in Kalimantan as the Director of Innovative Solutions Indonesia.


The Challenge

Because an extensive survey was unavailable for this project in Martapura, South Kalimantan, Shane and his team were unable to do full 2D drainage modelling but they were able to import the existing local survey into 12d Model and produce a solid 1D drainage model using ILSAX2 and some included basins.

To do the drainage properly data for the existing road was required but given the lack of existing road profile, Shane designed a new road at a very similar height to the current road, so pit levels were close to existing levels.

In the end, the design was approximately 4km of road and 6km of drainage network including pipes, open channels, basins, etc.

The Solution

It is safe to say that the city (and most likely, in fact, the state) has never seen a detailed design like this before. Shane’s team used this project for education, and to open the locals’ minds to what is possible.

Shane also commented that he is now “much more thankful for the access to high quality surveyors I had in Australia. A good survey is foundational to a good design!”

Shane also ‘stretched himself’ and learned to use the Visualisation module through the 12d Model YouTube channel, to the extent that he could give the government a sense of what this infrastructure could look like if it were built to a standard.

The Result

The government now wants Shane’s team to finish the design of the road and build it as well, but there are potential issues with local business owners that could make this next stage difficult due to illegal building in the road reserve.

Of their use of 12d Model on this project, Shane told us, “We are using 12d Model to catalyse vision and change for the people. As always there is some resistance but the government is very keen and already talking about buying a licence of their own. We are also talking with the largest university in the state about implementing 12d Model there.”

Shane says it looks as though 2019 will bring even more opportunities to develop standards using 12d Model, with another drainage study needing to be done. His team’s hope is to be able to do 2D drainage models, but it will again come down to survey. They are looking into a drone that can perform local LiDAR, and are talking to the local government about the possibility of doing this.

Shane’s local business partner absolutely loves using 12d Model, and will be trained more comprehensively in it this year along with other local employees. To add to his credibility, Shane just received his Indonesian engineering accreditation at the highest level, to go with his CPEng, RPEQ and FIEAust.

This is such an exciting partnership, and both Shane’s team and the team at 12d Solutions look forward to its continuation.

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