Mount Barker Lifestyle Village - TMK Consulting Engineers

ClientLifestyle SA Pty LtdLocationAustralia, SA
ConsultantTMK Consulting EngineersContractorCarlo Talladira and Leanne Gawde
Project Summary
A 159-unit lifestyle village including community centre, bowling green, caravan storage and workshop.

The Challenge
The lifestyle village consists of a 6.0m wide road (shared zone) and various services (sewer, stormwater, gravity recycled water, potable water, gas, telecom, electrical, etc.) within the road. Service crossings (clearance and cover) were extremely critical due to their proximity to each other and to structural footings.

The Solution
All services were modelled in 12d, and all covers, service clash files set to the required minimum. The cover file highlighted/identified areas requiring attention, overcoming an issue which would normally be difficult to fix on such large projects.

A viable design was created.
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