Creating a Common CAD Standard - IPWEA (see p.30)

ConsultantIPWEAContractorTim Brooks

Project Summary

In 2016, 12d Solutions joined the IPWEAQ and the major councils of South East Queensland (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Moreton Bay, Ipswich and Toowoomba) to work on providing a common CAD standard. This is crucial to solve the issue of the many different standards for projects that span across multiple Council authorities.

The Challenge

By giving Consultants one standard to adhere to, program customisation for all Councils and consultants can be minimised. This is especially important for small firms that don’t have the man-power or budget to designate workers to this onerous task.

The Solution

This process of creating a common standard began with meetings of the Survey and Design leads of these Councils to create standard naming codes, therefore creating a standard name, linestyle and symbols file that would be shipped with 12d Model software. 12d is currently also developing standard plotting files for long and cross sections and also for drainage outputs. Other standard files under consideration include design mapping, ACAD mapping, and drawing templates.

The Result

In the future, 12d Solutions (with IPWEAQ) will be looking at developing standard files for ADAC, field files and other items such as profiles for templates using Snippets. It is hoped that this standardisation will assist workflows across the board, and that other regions may follow suit.

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