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ClientFernbrook (2011) LtdLocationNew Zealand
ConsultantBland & Jackson Surveyors LtdContractorMark Bland

Fernbrook Development

Project Summary

“The Fernbrook Development is located just west of one of New Plymouth’s most famous original streets (Carrington Street) and is accessed from the southern end of Huatoki Street. The Fernbrook Development started in 2011 and has been a multi-staged development with four stages of residential development having been completed in the period between 2011 and 2014. A further stage has just been completed to extend Fernbrook Drive southwards to provide a complete road frontage for the Summerset Retirement Village development currently underway.”
--Bland and Jackson website

The Challenge

  • The problems faced with the design included:
    Access to the site required 200m of road through challenging site terrain.
    The first 160m of the access road required a reduced width carriageway - 8m as opposed to 11m Council standard.
    A large fill batter was required on the left hand side of the road with a creek running at the toe of the batter.
    A large cut batter from 160m with a utility pole on top – the pole had to remain in place
    Due to the site constraints, the road alignment design used a minimum curve radius to minimise the fill batter dimensions and reduce the impact on the cut face.

The Territorial Authority was concerned about whether the proposed design would work with the above constraints; hence a 3D Visualisation was necessary with the design.

The Solution

The visualisation with ‘drive through’ option was prepared and shown to the Council engineers. The visualisation alleviated their concerns about the effect of the transition between the 8m to 11m carriageway.
3D perspective screen shots were printed to assist, showing the design effect on the fill and cut batters.


The combination of ‘drive through’ and 3D visualisation assisted in gaining Council approval for the design, and in gaining client confidence in the company’s ability to perform the work.

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