Ferrymead Bridge - Christchurch City Council

ClientChristchurch City CouncilLocationNew Zealand
Project Summary
The existing Ferrymead Bridge was to be widened to accommodate additional traffic lanes as well cycle and pedestrian facilities.

The Challenge
The design engineer and construction contractor found the analysis of geo-technical data was quite difficult, particularly in bridge columns that were raked at pre-determined angles and determining lengths. The ground information was also greatly varied. Combined, it was difficult to develop a clear picture of how the existing geotechnical conditions interacted with the bridge columns.

The Solution
The solution was to create 3D images of the columns and superimpose the ground data using 12d Model’s pipe strings. Geotechnical data was entered into 12d Model and TINs created for each stratum reflecting known geotechnical data and bore hole investigation results. 12d Model pipe strings were then modelled at the predetermined raked angle until they intersected the rock strata TIN. The pipe strings were modelled slightly larger than the design columns to clearly indicate the formation levels that were logged from the geotechnical reports.

The Result
Using 12d Model’s pipe strings as columns enabled the accurate recreation of actual conditions and allowed 3D images to be created. “...(it was a) nice progression from site info to engineering scribble to practical masterpiece” Lloyd Greenfield Structural Engineer The structural engineer and construction contractor were able to clearly visualise geotechnical formations from data provided by geotechnical engineers.
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