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ClientULDALocationAustralia, Qld
ConsultantCardnoContractorNichola Wallace

HillClose Estate


Project Summary

“The Clinton Urban Development Area that became the Hill Close Estate was declared by the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning on April 1, 2010.
The estate was authorised by the Urban Land Development Authority, now Economic Development Queensland, a State Government department that can approve developments for affordable housing.”
(Source: The Gladstone Observer)

The Challenge

Lots designed with a maximum slope of 1:20 straddled a gully up to 3m deep and in an area where natural slopes averaged 1:4. Any retaining walls were not to exceed 1.5m. Lots backed onto existing subdivision. The road grade was 1:7.5.

The Solution

The team decided to terrace the lots around a good-sized building pad. The 3D view above shows a typical lot with preferred driveway location. Using Create/grade pads and Edit/grade pads (which they had never really used before), they could grade the pads in a particular direction and then compare against the road levels and adjoining lots to check that the wall height stayed below 1.5m as specified.

The Result

“Our vibrant inclusive community offers a diverse range of smartly designed homes and living options to suit a variety of buyer types. Where every element of a perfect lifestyle is defined to experience and enjoy, it’s never been easier to choose a new home and appreciate the new shape of living at HillClose.“

(Source: https://www.hillclose.com.au/)

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