Wonawinta Tailings Dam - Infinity Surveys Pty Ltd

ClientCobar Consolidated ResourcesLocationAustralia, NSW
ConsultantInfinity SurveysContractorJames Gianatti

Wonawinta Tailings Dam


Project Summary

This project involved the construction of a tailings dam for a silver mine project in central NSW.


The Challenge

The team needed to provide quantities of clay sufficient for building the wall and the 600mm thick liner on the base. They were also required to provide storage capacity at 0.25m increments in RL, and to produce contour plans for scheduling the construction and issuing instructions to the contractor.
A separate model was required for each contour slice at 0.25m intervals in order for the engineers could produce plans to aid the construction timeline.


The Solution

Task 1 - Wall volumes were created using (Volumes >Tin to tin by height range) and selecting polygon
Task 2 - Base volumes were created using (Volumes >Tin to tin by height range) and selecting polygon
Task 3 - Storage Calculations were created using Volumes > Exact > Storage calculations

The contours were created at 0.25m increments.
Contours had to be renamed as their RL using
(User>Miscellaneous>R to Z>Set contour names from contour levels)
With (Utilities>A to G>Change), and using a filter to select only certain string names, the contours were split into their own model.
Contour lines for each 0.25m RL were printed on a pdf with tailing dam chainages and a grid so operators could locate themselves.

The Result

Infinity Surveys’ use of 12d Model on this project allowed them to fulfil, and indeed even exceed, client expectations.

Download this Case Study as a PDF HERE